Triangle Worlds
pyramidal-voxel editor
tags: unity3d, 3d-modeiling, photoshop, indiedev
Concept And Development

I’ve been working with triangle pixels for quite a while and had this idea to bring this aesthetics to 3d world since voxel-based / low-poly games were becoming popular last years. So, I decided to build triangle-voxel / pyramidal-voxel based game. Since triangle is more minimalistic than square - it had to develop new visual aesthetics.

I wanted to keep triangle equilateral and build 3d world out of equilateral pyramids. The whole idea required a lot of 3d math and calculations. Especially for optimization and mesh building. After a while I was able to build a pieces of 3d world.

Next step was scalable world. I had to write some additional logic because unity3d has some mesh limitations. And in a little while the world was infinitely scalable.

Later I made texturing. I had to recalculate texture coordinates and write some logic to work with custom palettes, generate custom palette textures and color the voxels with placing texture properly on the model.

I made some basic editing tools and tools for working with the camera. Browsing, adding, deleting and coloring voxels. Later, I developed some special alternative tool modes, keyboard support and additional tools, for example, for building columns and etc. You were able to save, load and jump between the scenes.

Challenges And Future Development

After a couple of months of development I was able to build a 3d world out of pyramidal-voxels. Color them, edit them and create generatively. However, I realised few things about this kind of aesthetics. First of all, the models weren’t as aesthetically cool as I expected because some of the parts had to be octahedrons and they don’t look that minimalistic. It also could be solved by dividing them into 2 pyramids but that would be much more difficult to develop and work with. Second problem was complexity. A triangle and tetrahedron (triangle pyramid) are the most minimalistic 2d and 3d objects. However, I realised that it’s super hard to think this way. It’s hard to model, plan and think of math in this (3d-triangle) way. It seems like our brain works much easier with squares and square-grids. Maybe I’m wrong and didn’t do much 3d modeling but it seems like it’s much easier to develop things and model while working with square grids.

At the moment, I decided to stop the project but, who knows, maybe I’ll go on with it in the future.

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